Principal Investigator

Pouya Bashivan

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology
McGill University


Graduate Students

Xiaoxuan Lei

Ph.D. student

I am a Ph.D. student in Pouya’s group. I am intrigued by how intelligent behavior emerges from neuron interactions, either biological or artificial. I build computational models of primates brain with a focus on artificial neural networks. Five facts about me: have lived in 3 different continents and North America will be the 4th one; whovian (non-certified); attempted to master Dutch, failed, same with C; 2021 (the year of ox) is my year; play the violin and good at math ;)

Undergraduate Researchers

Helen Ren

B.Sc. student

I’m a computer science undergraduate student who is interested in modeling brain activities computationally. I currently work on using artificial neural network to model the effect of electrical stimulation across human visual cortex. I’m also interested in how this work would help with predictive coding and also improve the adversarial robustness of deep neural networks. I like to experience different things in my life: I did an internship as a software engineer in summer 2020 and also as a data analyst in summer 2021. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and Beijing opera.

Amirozhan Dehghani

B.Sc. student

I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience and Computer science. I’m interested in developing hierarchical artificial neural network model of the visual cortex. I enjoy playing piano and chess in my spare time.